Recognition BY Baker Hughes

ESK Automation has been recognized by Baker Hughes (A GE Company) for its diversified work area covering East,West & North India and catered to a diversified market covering many OEMs , EPCs & end users like Pharma, F&B,oil and gas, Fertilizers, automobile and Electricity Power Generation Plants.
Product portfolio covered Process Calibrators, Calibration Test Bench, Pressure
Transducers, Flow Meters, Moisture Analyzers and Gas Purity Analyzers.
The team responsible for this success –
Sales leaders:
Bikram Bhattacharjee
Sandeep Bhatia

Product Managers Team:
North India: Narendra Prasad
West(Gujarat): Smit Agarwal
West (Mumbai): Vaibhav Singh Parmar
East: Arnab Kumar and Susmita Sadhak

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