Our internship program at ESK India places a strong emphasis on our corporate culture wherein we impart our dedication to community service by training interns and in return expect our interns to play an active role in our philanthropic programs. Throughout the tenure of the program (Between 2 months – 6 months), the interns work side by side with their Managers on both short term and long term projects which aligns to the larger strategic goals of the company and the individual department.

The curriculum of the program is designed in such a way that it provides the interns, a chance to learn about our businesses and the inter/intra-departmental relationship functions and also to network with top-level management and executives. At the culmination of the program, the interns are asked to share their project details in a five minute presentation to the executive team.

ESK India Internship Program has been successful in providing a strong foundation for entry-level candidates in the Telecom/Automation/Supply Chain industry.

Our internship enables the interns to use what they have learned, in their future workplaces, expand their knowledge level and also reap benefits from the invaluable on-the-job experiences.

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